Hybrid: the blending of concepts

City centres are impacted over an extended time by the changing setting. Retailing shrinks as new alternatives are created. Frequently, the newcomers are not single-specialty stores but instead innovative mixed-use spaces accommodating retail, ca-tering, offices, leisure or healthcare.

Hybrid as a new option for the future
Hybrid as a new option for the future

Hybrid as a new option for the future

Constancy has lost its central value, while agile hybrid solutions have become more popular and will determine the future of many areas. Our experience gained across a wide range of sectors has given us the knowledge of today’s variety of demands and how to serve these from a single, properly arranged space. Integral helps you combine suitable responses and ensures successful implementation of the project from concept development to planning to implementation with respect to deadlines, quality and costs.

Hybrid spaces provide answers to new formats of collaboration driven by innova-tion, flexibility, independence and a permanent change dynamic. Only when we succeed in sharing ideas and knowledge in a variety of ways can we become more successful in achiev

Katja Wöhler,
Integral design-build AG
Short distances and identification with the surroundings

Short distances and identification with the surroundings

We connect people through buildings. This occurs especially when fluid boundaries exist between work and leisure spaces. Not only are short distances practical, but they also contribute to sensible mobility. At the same time, hybrid concepts also take into account the young generation’s need to identify with the area after working hours. This gives rise to inspiring sites offering new services.

Services and offerings


  • Clarification of needs
  • Site review, flexibility
  • Zoning, layout planning, design and moodboards, rough costing

Design and construction

  • Planning and engineering, interior architecture in 3D
  • Cost calculation
  • Timetable
  • Construction management and execution

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  • Planung & Engineering, Innenarchitektur in 3D,
  • Kostenkalkulation
  • Termine             
  • Baumanagement & Ausführung

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