The doctor’s surgery of the future: healing architecture

For us, healing architecture involves providing a stimulus for the design and imple-mentation of healthcare facilities and ensuring a custom-tailored architecture that can support the healing process.

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The doctor’s surgery as a workplace
The doctor’s surgery as a workplace

The doctor’s surgery as a workplace

A medical practice must go beyond healthcare standards to meet the latest requirements of today’s working environment. It must facilitate flexible use, promote employee collaboration and find creative ways to satisfy patient requests. Medical surgeries are trending away from traditional facilities toward spaces that reflect how physicians actually engage patients in their work, treatment and life. These changes require not only new technologies but also a new work culture. We at Integral support you in planning and designing your practice to achieve the best for your patients.

The focus is on the patient’s well-being. A high-quality space is a major contributor to this feeling.

Felix Keller,
Expert in Healthcare-Architecture
Designing healthcare facilities

Designing healthcare facilities

Detailed familiarity with workflows in medical facilities – which can vary greatly depending on the practice – is only one requirement for spatial planning. Especially in the healthcare area, design in all its detail is essential to the well-being of the user. This combines the aspects of practicality and aesthetics. Integral supports you in planning for your healthcare environment and making it a reality. In this process, we place great importance on personal contact and the needs of our clients. 

Services and sectors


  • Clarification of needs
  • Site review
  • Layout planning, zoning, feasibility
  • Timetable
  • Cost estimates
  • Developing guidelines


  • Planning and engineering, interior architecture in 3D
  • Cost calculation
  • Timetable
  • Construction management and execution

Our performance overview as a one-stop solution

Industry segments

  • Private general surgeries
  • Specialist practices
  • Emergency practices
  • Outpatient facilities
  • Dental practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Alternative and supplemental medical facilities
  • Preventive medical facilities
  • Laboratories