Hospitality: All about the guest

Ideas for designing hospitality services always focus on the guest: anticipating needs in order to make the stay into an experience.

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Balancing efficient use and quality of stay
Balancing efficient use and quality of stay

Balancing efficient use and quality of stay

Expectations are constantly rising for hospitality settings. It is a challenge to combine efficiency of use for the host with the quality of the user’s stay at the facility – especially where such installations experience high guest traffic. We devote special attention to the workmanship and product quality of the construction and furnishings. In this area, the integrated flow of design, planning and execution guarantees solid yet stylish solutions in the hospitality field.

The look and feel of the site, the quality of execution, the timing, the collaboration and last but not least the cost management are impressive.

Garry Gürtler,
President IWG Switzerland Gibraltar & Monaco
Hospitality from the guest’s perspective

Hospitality from the guest’s perspective

Feeling “at home” is a basic need of today’s guests that extends across catering, hotel accommodations, leisure or entertainment. We are knowledgeable concerning the client journey, and we understand the host’s need for maximum flexibility to be able to adjust to changing client needs. Integral helps you develop suitable responses and ensures successful implementation from concept development to planning completion with respect to deadlines, quality and costs.


Services and sectors


  • Clarification of needs
  • Site review, feasibility
  • Zoning, layout planning, design and moodboards, rough costing
  • Design concept guidelines

Design and construction

  • Planning and engineering, interior architecture in 3D
  • Cost calculation
  • Timetable
  • Construction management and execution

Our performance overview as a one-stop solution 


  • Gastronomie (Restaurant, Bar, Imbiss etc.)
  • Stadiongastronomie
  • Hotelerie und Longstayfacilities
  • Freizeiteinrichtungen (Sport, Kultur und Unterhaltung)
  • Eventlocations

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