Integral service

We deliver integrated solutions for office worlds across the whole lifecycle. You enjoy guarantees on cost, quality and scheduling. And an independent global service provider.


Requirement Consulting

You know what you want but don’t know how to do it? Together we work through your requirements, develop a workplace strategy and allow you to benefit straight away from initial layouts, visualisations and a cost estimate. And if you already know exactly what you want, we can get going right away.

Layout & Design

See what it will look like: using your corporate design specifications, we put together different layout options and 3D visualisations where requested. We combine our design expertise with a focus on technical and structural feasibility. A binding quote and contractual offer give you the financial certainty you need.

Engineering & Permits

Leave the details to us: we harness the benefits of 3D planning throughout for interior design and building services. The use of specialists in fire prevention, safety, statics and structural physics is just as much a part as approvals planning and application for a building permit. The key to success for you as the client are decisions appropriate to each situation and phase of the project.

Construction & Site Management

In the sea of sawdust: we are on site for you and assume the construction management. Safety on the building site, seamless logistics and adherence to cost, quality and schedules are just some of our core competencies. Integral tests, official approvals and an efficient removals management service ensure a seamless start in your new office.

Delivery & Documentation

Tidy office, tidy mind: we think long term and secure all the documentation relevant to the operation. The hand-over and commissioning of a new space requires careful preparation and a cool head during the hectic final stages. You benefit from our experience.

Smart Operations

The work starts when the doors open: modifications, hold-ups, repairs and add-ons are all part and parcel of normal business operations and lifecycles. Our service packages give you peace of mind in all operational activities. You continue to benefit from our knowledge of the space, including coordination of repair work, workplace and furniture management, updated planning information and prompt consultation, planning and visualisation of space adjustments as a basis for the next conversion project.

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